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Cold Chain – the series of interconnected activities involving equipment, personnel and processes necessary for the safe storage and transportation of temperature sensitive materials from production to delivery to the end user.

Picture of the Pharmaceutical / Biotech Cold Chain

This website addresses the cold chain in the pharmaceutical, biotech, and blood industries.

You have heard the old adage “a chain is only as strong as its weakest link”.

Weakest link in the cold chain

This applies to the cold chain.  Millions of dollars are spent trying to improve it in order to protect the valuable products that are transported through the cold chain.  Unfortunately, due to the seemingly infinite variables in the environment in which the supply chain must operate, man has not been able to perfect a cold chain that can transport products with 100% reliability.

The mission of is to address weaknesses in the cold chain and further efforts to improve it.

Time and Temperature Label

Time and Temperature Sensitive Label