Time & Temperature Sensitive Product Label

A standardized time and temperature sensitive product label was a missing link in the cold chain.  However, this weakness has been identified and a solution has been implemented to solve the problem.

Here is a picture of the new label.

IATA Time Temperature Label

You might look at this label and think “that is not a big deal.  It could not have taken a lot of effort to develop that”.   After hearing about the project at the last conference I attended, I can assure you that you are dead wrong.

I tip my hat to the IATA team that worked to develop this standardized label so all people working in the cold chain will recognize that  any package or container with that label affixed to it, requires special handling to ensure that the contents reach the destination within temperature specification.

Read the IATA perishable cargo page

Update on Time and Temperature Task Force May 2010

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